Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your service coverage?
    Rust Tech Services currently serves South, Central and the West Coast of Florida.
  • Why does Florida well water stain buildings, curbs and sidewalks.
    The orange stain you see on many driveways & homes is quite common in shallow wells. Florida well water often contains high levels of Iron Sulfide (rust), and other naturally occurring minerals. When your sprinkler irrigation system turns on and the water comes in contact with the air, the iron sulfide (rust) oxidizes, causing the rust staining.
  • How does Rust Tech Services  prevent sprinkler rust?
    Rust Tech Services uses a highly sophisticated chemical injection solution, attached to the irrigation equipment to help eliminate the ugly staining left from well water.
  • What pumps to you use?
    Rust Tech Services uses the LMI Uni-Dose Pumps.  These pumps are ideal for use as irrigation rust control pumps.