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Rust staining on buildings and sidewalk surfaces can be a frustrating issue for property managers and owners in Florida. Regular pressure washing alone will not remove the stains and often requires a rust removal solution. This solution must be safe for the surfaces they are to be used on and for any surrounding surfaces to avoid damage.

Rust staining in Florida is often seen in areas where sprinkler and irrigation systems spray onto walls, buildings  and sidewalk areas. This is typically caused by iron in the water circulating through the irrigation system and upon exit of sprinkler heads, comes into contact with the air to form iron oxides and the unsightly rust staining.  The rust removal solution we use at Rust Tech Services is safe and effective – our cleaning methods ensure it does not damage painted surfaces, glass, metals and landscaping.

As soon as you notice rust stains appearing, be proactive.  Do not let them build up to form a tough, unsightly stain. On a commercial property, appearance is essential in first impressions for potential tenants and customers alike – call us at (866)771-RUST (7878) for a free on-site consultation of our rust removal services.